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QWNet assigns the commands according to the network config... and since this is about QW we have a prefix of every command with ".qw"

Before using the broadcasting command, it's a must to read the rules of usage. QWNetRules
Remember, you can always find the homepage url in the /whois information of one of our irc-bots.

.qw => show help about the sending usage and rules
.qw <a message here> => send a message
.qw_history => show the latest messages with timestamp
.qw_status => show frequency-status of the current channel

.qw_enable => enable the frequency
.qw_disable => disable the frequency
.qw_toggle => toggle between enabled/disabled frequency

.qw_enable_colors => enable the colors
.qw_disable_colors => disable the colors
.qw_toggle_colors => toggle between enabled/disabled use of colors

For Spam-Messages...
just use the prefix .spam instead of .qw for all above commands.

by zeus