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The Quakeworld IRC Broadcasting Service (QWNet) is broadcasting for communities at its best. It can be used for nearly everything.

While channels can be considered Dojos or Houses where people gather to communicate, our technology allows these otherwise isolated mini-communities to intercommunicate and form what is known as "The QW Community". QWNet is the glue needed to quickly arrange matches, announce new maps or new websites and to gather information from beyond the own line of sight.

With over 120 channels participating, users can be sure that they will be heard indeed.

Best of all, this ever-improving free service is actively maintained with a friendly staff being available nearly 24/7. Source code is available, of course, and licensed under the GPL. Thus, joining QWNet with your own bot becomes a breeze.

You will need to come to #qwnet (irc.quakenet.org) if you fancy a bot for your qw-channel. If you feel to help and/or contact us in any other way, you can write an email to:
or come to our channels.
#qwnet and/or #quadaver at irc.quakenet.org

Current crew:
quad|Haudrauf (HaudraufwieniX)

by zeus